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    Create your dreams as your reality!

    At Dream To Win we are dedicated to you and your success. We will guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Let us help you create your dream life

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    Quit smoking for Good and improve your quality of life!

    We use safe and proven hypnosis techniques to quarantee you become a non-smoker for good!

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    Bring more abundance, balance and joy into your life

    Hypnosis is an effective way to overcome problems you may be experiencing in your life. We can help you move beyond your current limitations and get the most out of life.

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    Lose weight with hypnosis

    Lose weight with Hypnosis. We use a proven Virtual Gatric band method which will give you the body you dream of and the results you deserve.

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Dream To Win is about discovering that dream within us all; exploring that desire within that really drives and excites you – and creating that as your future.

Winning at life is a dream shared by nearly everyone on the planet. Who doesn’t want to see their most cherished wishes come true? Of course, success is so coveted that the right path to this dream is promised to all by as varied a crowd as the world’s dreamers themselves!

Today’s dreamer, however, is more practical – and the desire for help should not mean that one is led into the room of a sterile seminar with a tired teacher/student arrangement, nor into the grip of a life coach, who’s own personal life may itself be in a state of disrepair rather than an example of success.

So many of these half-baked methods are out there waiting for your faith – and your money – yet, when you are actively involved in each step toward the advancement of your own dream fulfillment, you are not only more likely to follow through to the next steps, but you will also find that when your potential is actualized, your dreams will be unveiled in the glorious detail that only you could construct for yourself! Why follow someone else, when you can learn how to create a thorough and more effective… YOU?!

Where will you find this even blend of self-propelled advancement and guided progress? Hypnosis!!

We are Dream To Win – a centre for healing and hypnosis in Brisbane, Australia.

Our certified hypnotherapist and team of caring professionals are dedicated to your health and success. Our mission is to help you heal the negativity in your life, leaving you free to achieve the mental and physical wellness you deserve.

~ Create your dreams as your reality ~

 Any program on which you choose to embark will be 100% catered to your needs, with personalised support throughout. There are no group sessions, ensuring that your experience will be absolutely unique.

Our individual hypnosis programs are detailed on our ‘Hypnosis’ page; however, here are our services at a glance:

  • Stop smoking hypnosis
  • Hypnosis for weight loss – Gastric band hypnosis
  • Addiction healing hypnosis
  • Confidence hypnosis
  • Self-esteem hypnosis
  • Hypnosis for anxiety
  • Public speaking hypnosis
  • Bad habits elimination
  • Hypnosis for depression
  • Insomnia hypnosis
  • OCD hypnosis
  • Performance enhancement


If your past attempts at self-improvement are lined with good intentions that have not yet broken through to active reality, the individualised attention and personalised programs offered by certified hypnotherapist Andrew Young may be the extra push you need to finally experience the breakthrough that unlocks your true greatness, and all the joy that comes with it.

~ Discover the greatness within you ~

If you’re interested in learning how hypnosis can bring you freedom, please contact us for more information. All of our programs are backed with a solid 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Of course, if you’d like to browse a bit more, feel free to do so! Find out more information about hypnosis and Dream to Win! – and our mission here,  or browse our Facebook page.

Once you’ve given us a look, if you should have any further questions or would like to set an appointment with Andrew, please call or email us any time.

~ Follow your purpose and your passion~

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Lose Weight with hypnosis

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